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Cartridge Not Recognised Reset

Written by Inkworks Support Team on September 20th, 2013.      3 comments

If you ever have a problem with your new cartridge not being registered when you first install it?

Here is a handy tip that should get you around that.

If this fix does not work please give us a call as most of these problems are fairly easy to resolve and we are here to make sure you have minimum down time.
  1. With the printer turned on remove the cartridge that is not registering
  2. Close the door (not the office door but the printer door where the cartridges are)
  3. Turn the Power off at the wall
  4. Leave off for three to five minutes
  5. Turn the power back on
  6. When the printer is fully powered (this may take a few minutes) up open the cartridge door on the printer
  7. Printer should now be looking for cartridge/s
  8. Reinstall cartridge/s
  9. Close door
  10. Cartridge/s should now be accepted at this point. If not please call us as we can help.
This applies to both original and remanufactured toners.
All Inkworks products are fully supported and warrantied and you have local technical support by calling 0800 080 4657.
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Rex says ...
I tried this with a Canon MG6360 with no luck. Eventually I replaced the non-OEM cartridge with a Canon one and it fixed the problem. I think the non-OEM cartridge had a fried chip on it. Since it had been refilled there's a good chance it was broken when it went into the refill shop. I did get a refund but had to pay $32 for the Canon product. On the plus side the Canon cartridge was an XL version so should supposedly last twice as long as the non-OEM version that cost $17.95
Owen Edward says ...
I've been having the same problem while printing papers from Thanks a lot for providing this quick printer fix as it's easy to work on. I didn't know that it's common.
sddsd says ...
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