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Respiratory Protection

Breath easier in whatever hazard your work environment presents, by choosing an approved respirator or mask from the ProChoice range.

There is a Certified ProChoice model for protection against the majority of airborne workplace hazards. ProChoice masks are designed for comfort and workplace convenience.

To select the right mask for your environment view the complete respiratory selection guide here

Airborne hazards include dust, fogs, fumes, mists, gases, smoke, sprays or common vapours.

The best form of protection is to eliminate or prevent the hazard by altering workplace practices or accepted engineering control measures. When controls are not feasible, appropriate respirators must be used.

ProChoice has a full range of tested and Certified products – from disposable masks with a variety of filters to half mask respirators.

AS NZS 1716

The ProChoice options include a choice of flat folded disposable masks through to the ProMesh® range, as well as cartridge respirators. You can breathe easy with ProChoice.

Our disposable and reusable respirators are colour coded for easy selection for the correct application and fit. For your safety and confidence all ProChoice dust masks are Certified to AS/NZS 1716 requirements.

Is the use of respiratory equipment required by law?

In certain hazardous conditions or in a workplace where fumes or dust particles are present, OH&S regulations and company policies require that appropriate respiratory gear is worn.

Which type of mask should I use?
Mask Type Description When Do You Use It
Disposable Mask A disposable respirator is a maintenance free, single shift, single use item. This means that when you put it on and start your shift and then take it off (for example a tea break), the shift is over and the mask should be replaced. The mask can be used for a maximum of an 8 hour shift. When a maintenance free form of
respiratory protection is required
or preferred.
Combination Mask A device combining the filtration capabilities of gas/vapour and particulate filters. When the filtration of multiple types of substances is required and are likely to be present in the environment in which you will be working.
Half Mask Respirator A close fitting device to cover the nose, mouth and chin and can be secured in position by suitable means, such as a head strap. These are to be used with the appropriate Filter Cartridges. When certain gases and vapours
are required to be removed from
the inhaled air.

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